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Full masternode hosting

Full Masternode Hosting

Host your masternodes with Apollon Network and pay just $2.99 per masternode per month. When your masternodes require an update, our experienced tech team will update your masternodes for you. Enjoy owning your own masternodes with all updates handled by our team. Excellent for people with no technical experience or people with limited time.

RYON - Self VPS Hosting

RYON - Self VPS Hosting

RYON stands for ‘Run Your Own Nodes’. With this option, we let you choose your own VPS providers, our software will then deploy your masternodes onto the VPS of your choice and our experienced tech team will manage all masternode updates for you. RYON requires a bit more setup work than our Full Hosting option. Price: $0.99 per MN per month + your VPS cost.

Our Products



NodeBuilder is what makes us stand out from our competitors. NodeBuilder will verify your collateral, deploy your masternodes and connect your masternodes to your wallet so you reap the rewards. No technical experience is needed, especially if you choose our full hosting option and we have training videos you can follow. Easy as click, click, click…

Web Hosting Platform

Web Platfom

For customers that don’t want to install a software on their computer or wants the convenience of accessing NodeBuilder from different computers, our Web Platform solution is the answer. It looks just like NodeBuilder to keep the user experience similar as well.

New Customers - Get $5 Welcome Credit to Test Our Masternode Hosting Platform Today!

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Questions About Our Coin (XAP)

Coin type
PoW / PoS


Maximum Supply

Block time
90 seconds

25,000 XAP

Masternode reward
80% block reward

Coin min staking age
1 hour

Maximum block size
3 MB

Masternode rewards - 80%

Block heightReward
10 - 7,0000.8 XAP
7,001 - 9,000512 XAP
9,001 - 50,000256 XAP
50,001 - 100,000205 XAP
100,001 - 150,000164 XAP
150,001 - 250,000140 XAP
250,001+15% reduction every 100,000 Blocks

Coin Staking rewards - 20%

Block heightReward
10 - 7,0000.2 XAP
7,001 - 9,000128 XAP
9,001 - 50,00064 XAP
50,001 - 100,00051 XAP
100,001 - 150,00041 XAP
150,001 - 250,00035 XAP
250,001+15% reduction every 100,000 Blocks

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