Introducing RYON

- Run Your Own Nodes

Download NodeBuilder or use our Web Platform

Connect to your VPS Provider

Select your masternode coins

Deploy your masternode

Sit back and enjoy the rewards!

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You keep full control of your coins

Apollon Network will never ask you to send your coins to us. Your coins never leave your wallet and all rewards are sent to your wallet.

Hassle Free Updates

When your masternodes require an update, our experienced tech team will update your masternodes for you. Enjoy owning your own masternodes with all updates handled by our team.

Two platforms to choose from

Choose from our NodeBuilder software, installed on your computer, for the fastest and simplest masternode deployment service on the market or log into our Web Platform to deploy and view all your masternodes from any computer.

The coins we support

NodeBuilder Instructions

Watch our videos to and follow along to quickly deploy your masternode. Our system is compatible with Digital Ocean and Vultr. More VPS provider coming soon.

Coin Specifications

Coin type
PoW / PoS


Maximum Supply

Block time
90 seconds

Masternode collateral
25,000 XAP

Masternode reward
80% block reward

Coin min staking age
1 hour

Maximum block size
3 MB

Masternode rewards – 80%

Block heightReward
10 – 7,0000.8 XAP
7,001 – 9,000512 XAP
9,001 – 50,000256 XAP
50,001 – 100,000205 XAP
100,001 – 150,000164 XAP
150,001 – 250,000140 XAP
250,001+15% reduction every 100,000 Blocks

Coin Staking rewards – 20%

Block heightReward
10 – 7,0000.2 XAP
7,001 – 9,000128 XAP
9,001 – 50,00064 XAP
50,001 – 100,00051 XAP
100,001 – 150,00041 XAP
150,001 – 250,00035 XAP
250,001+15% reduction every 100,000 Blocks