Today we started our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign and this blog post is to mark this occasion and to provide transparency to our community about our efforts to continually bring value to our Apollon coin (XAP). For our SEO campaign, we are targeting 20 search phrases that relates to our business and services.

For security reasons, we won’t reveal our entire SEO keyword list but, instead will share with you the 3 most popular and obvious keywords we will be targeting.

They are:

  1. masternode hosting
  2. masternode hosting platform
  3. masternode hosting provider

with masternode hosting being treated as the most competitive and important keyword to rank for.

To be able to measure our campaign success, we will check our current keyword rankings as of today and used that as our reference moving forward. Below is a screenshot of our top three keywords ranking:

masterhost hosting keyword rankings

It shows:

  1. masternode hosting – ranking on page 4, position 35.
  2. masternode hosting platform – ranking on page 3, position 27.
  3. masternode hosting provider – ranking on page 3, position 32.

We will check our ranking in one months time and see how well our SEO campaign has gone. Until then, take care!