Who would like 6-month free masternode hosting?

Apollon Network is happy to announce that they have listed Circuit (CRCT) on NodeBuilder and to celebrate this, Circuilt and Apollon are offering NodeBuilder customers a chance to win 6-month free hosting of a masternode.

During the month of November, that is from 1st November to 30th November, 2019, anyone who set up a Circuit masternode on full hosting with our NodeBuilder will go into a draw to win 6-month free hosting of their Circuit masternode.

The winner of the 6-month free hosting will be randomly drawn at the end of the promotion period and announced on our website, Discord server, Twitter and Facebook.

What is Circuit?

Circuit is an innovative cryptocurrency project that is geared towards the competitive racing industries! As cryptocurrency and racing fanatics, Circuilt made it their mission and priority to become the necessary bridge that will ensure the continued expansion of both industries.

For more information about Circuit including where to buy CRCT coins to set up a Circuit masternode, visit their website at https://www.circuit-society.io

About Circuit Masternodes

Circuit is a cryptocurrency with masternode and staking reward distribution. To set up a Circuit masternode, you need 500,000 CRCT coins as collateral as well as a VPS to host the masternode. The official abbreviation of the Circuit coin is “CRCT”. The total supply of CRCT is 3,000,000,000 coins.

About Apollon Network Masternode Hosting Services

Apollon Network is a masternode hosting provider that takes the guesswork ad complexity out of setting up a masternode thanks to their masternode hosting platform called NodeBuilder. NodeBuilder is available as a free downloadable software or a web platform that allows users (even non-technical users) to set up their masternode in minutes through an easy to understand step-by-step process. In this process, NodeBuilder will take care of the technical details such as installing the masternode and syncing it up to the network.
Users can also watch and follow the free training videos that show them how to user NodeBuilder to deploy their masternode. The masternode setup videos and FAQ are available here.

How to set up a Full Hosting Masternode with NodeBuilder

Watch the video below to see us setting up an Apollon masternode in under 5 minutes. To set up a Circuit masternode, the process is the same except you would use the Circuit wallet, their CRCT coins and a different collateral amount, being 500,000 CRCT coins instead of 25,000 coins which is the collateral needed for an Apollon masternode.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Set up a Circuit Masternode in November for your chance to win free hosting of your Circuit Masternode for six months!