Masternode hosting keywords improved within 1 month

Hi everyone, this is Minh here. I have some excellent news to share about our SEO campaign. One month ago, on 11th August, I started the SEO campaign targeting 20 keywords. Today, just one month later, I’m happy to report that some of our keywords are ranking on….wait for it…the 1st page of Google.

Being from Australia, I’m checking against the domain. However, using a VPN, I have connected to other regions such as USA and UK and have found our keywords have moved up in ranking too.

For security reasons, I won’t reveal our entire SEO keyword list but, instead will share with you the 3 most popular and obvious keywords we should be targeting.

They are:

  1. masternode hosting platform – ranking on page 1, position 9.
  2. masternode hosting provider – ranking on page 1, position 10.
  3. masternode hosting – ranking on page 2, position 17.

Masternode Hosting SEO Campaign Screenshot



This is just the start, but a move in the right direction to get more exposure for the Apollon Network and our XAP coin.

I will continue with our SEO campaign to get our masternode hosting and other keywords ranking as high as possible.

That’s all for now, I will provide further updates on our SEO campaign in the coming weeks.