Wonderful news! Our discounted masternode hosting offer has been extended until the end of September.

Due to popular demand and positive feedback from our customers, we have decided to extend our masternode hosting discount until 30th September, 2019. You can read the original blog post here.

In summary:

New nodes created during the month of August and September, by existing and new customers, will receive 6 months hosting at $0.99 per node. This discount offer ends 28th February, 2020.

At this price, this makes Apollon Network NodeBuilder, our masternode hosting platform, one of the cheapest masternode hosting services in the industry.

Owning a masternode allows you to earn passive income from the rewards that are generated from your masternode being online and contributing to the security of the network for the coin that the masternode belongs to. However, it does require some technical understanding of computers, servers and some programming languages.

Traditionally, to own a masternode, a person generally has to set up a server (usually a VPS) with an operating system, then install the masternode code on the VPS, and then connect their wallet containing their coins as collateral to the masternode. If a new version of the wallet is released, the user generally must update both their wallet and masternode in order for their masternode to remain a participant of the network.

Thanks to NodeBuilder, which takes care of all the technical complexity, even a non-technical person can enjoy owning a masternode. It comes in two flavours, a Web Platform (which can be accessed at https://platform.apollon.network) and a software, which is even more powerful and does more than the Web Platform. There are even masternode deployment training videos that the user can watch and follow to make the whole process even easier.

So, for those who have not had a chance to experience Apollon Network masternode hosting service, this is your chance to get cheaper masternode hosting at $0.99 per masternode per month before the price increases back to $1.99!