So today we’re going to talk about the latest promotional offering from Apollon Network!

As you will know we recently launched our full masternode hosting service to complement our RYON (Run Your Own Nodes) hosting offering.

So we’re very excited about our new service and we’re keen to share this with as many fellow masternode fans as possible!

In addition we’re also keen to offer GIN platform customers an alternative hosting solution now that the GIN platform closes on 1st August.

Like the GIN team we have been running our project since the early part of 2018 and given this we’ve seen and weathered many pitfalls over the last 15 months. We believe this has made us a much stronger and more experienced team who GIN Platform customers can put their trust in.

So what’s the juicy details?

During the month of August we’re running a Holiday Special Promotion for all existing and new customers of Apollon Network, including ex GIN customers, on our full masternode hosting service.

Anyone who is a current full hosting customer will, from the start of August, only pay $0.99 per month for the next 6 months for all nodes they host with Apollon using the full hosting service. In addition, new nodes created during the month of August, by existing and new customers, will receive 6 months hosting at $0.99 per node.

To ensure every customer launching a node in August receives at least 6 months hosting at this special price all full masternode hosting customers will only pay 99 cents per node until the end of February 2020 for any nodes created during August.

So what does that mean for potential and existing Apollon Network customers?

  1. One of the cheapest masternode hosting prices available anywhere on the market – $0.99 per node per month
  2. One of the simplest masternode hosting offerings available – present and past customers have commented time and time again about how our solution is one of the simplest to use on the market by far.
  3. Experienced team who have been in the masternode hosting space for over 15 months.
  4. 30 day risk-free money back guarantee for new customers.
  5. Welcome credit for newly referred customers through the Apollon Network affiliate scheme.
  6. Reward credits for successful affiliates under the Apollon Network affiliate scheme.
  7. Free responsive technical support.  
  8. Responsive and transparent team with HQ in Austria.

And there you have it!

What reason could you have for not giving Apollon Network a go?

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at or join our Discord and hit up one of the team!

So, for now,

Happy noding!